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LIFT Sundays

"Living In Faith Together"
LIFT Anchor

LIFT Sundays | Once a month from 10:00 - 11:30am 

In 2016, we introduced an exciting new program called LIFT (Living In Faith Together), where we meet the second Sunday of the month during the program year (September - May) for an extended worship and all-ages activities to demonstrate what it means to live as a community of Christians.  We hope you will join us in this new way to worship!


Wait, there's no Sunday School?!!?
Not in the traditional "classroom style" Sunday School, no.  We believe that young people learn about faith by being with people of faith, in worship, in service, and discussion and activities.  We model the life of faith and practice faith together, drawing our young people into our community as full participants.

I thought kids wanted to be with kids, why is everything Intergenerational?
One of the largest studies to survey the faith lives of youth suggested that parents have a significant influence on the faith of their children, and yet often parents don't know how to talk to their kids about their faith.  Additionally, studies show that relationships with non-parent adults in the church play an important role for youth who hold onto faith into adulthood.  So we have founded our faith formation on building relationships, adults and parents and children and youth living our faith together.  
I don't have kids. What's in it for me?
We believe that adults have A LOT we can learn from our youth about how God works and moves through our lives. Our children remind us that God is playful! Our youth remind us to ask hard questions of our faith.  We all benefit from intergenerational learning!

Will there be a sermon?  When will that be?
On LIFT Sundays, we normally open and close with worship, corresponding to our normal worship times. (Opening worship starts at 9, Closing worship starts at 10:30.  Sometimes the sermon launches us into our theme for the day.  Sometimes the sermon wraps up everything we've experienced in the morning.  It changes every month!

What if I can't stay the whole time? What if I forget it's a LIFT Sunday?
We understand that schedules are crazy! If you can only stay for part of the morning, that's okay!  You will miss some of the teaching or some of the worship, but the morning flows and it is easy to jump in!  As noted above, our opening and closing worship corresponds with our regular worship times, so if you forget it's a LIFT Sunday, you'll still get some worship time!  Whatever you put into the morning, we believe you will get back tenfold, so we hope you will come with open hearts and minds!

I have more questions... who should I talk to?
Feel free to email your questions to our church office, and someone from our LIFT team will be in touch with you!

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